Dashboard tour: Site Overview tab

Updated on January 24th, 2022

Each site on Flywheel features its own dashboard where you can view information and configure your site. A site’s Overview tab is where you manage your domains, collaborators, SSL certificates and more. In this article, we’ll cover each section of the Overview tab in more detail.


Already familiar with the Overview tab? Check out our articles on the Plugins tab, Performance tab, Stats tab, Backups tab, Staging tab, and Advanced tab.

Table of Contents:

1. Accessing the Overview tab
2. Domains card
3. Collaborators card
4. SSL Certificates card
5. IP Address card
6. Privacy Mode card

Accessing the Overview tab

  1. Click Sites in the main menu.
  2. Click a site name from your sites list.
  3. You made it! The Overview tab is the default tab on a site’s dashboard and serves as the “home base” for that particular site.

Domains card

The Domains card displays all the domains associated with your site, including the randomly generated temporary domain (ending in or

From here, you can add or remove domains, check the DNS status, enable SSL, and edit the temporary domain name.

You can also sort the columns using the arrows, or search for a particular domain using the search field (helpful if you have a lot of domains).

Add a domain

To add a domain, click the plus button in the top right corner.


For more information on adding a new domain to your site, check out this help article:

Remove a domain

To remove a domain, click the 3-dot menu next to the domain you want to remove and select Delete Domain.

Note: A domain set as primary cannot be removed, so set a different domain (such as your temporary domain) as primary first, then remove the desired domain.

DNS Status

Flywheel’s built in DNS checker lets you know if your site is successfully pointed to Flywheel. If you see the Check DNS button, it means your site is not yet pointed (or is still propagating). Click the button to run a fresh DNS check.


Need help pointing your DNS to Flywheel? Check out this help article:

Point DNS

If you added a domain to your site without pointing it, you can restart the process from the 3 dot menu at any time.

SSL Status

If your domain has an active SSL certificate, the type of certificate will be displayed. If not, you can enable SSL for your site by clicking the Enable SSL button.


For more information on adding an SSL certificate (including a free option), check out these help articles:


Flywheel will attempt to determine your domain’s registrar and display it here. Click the registrar name to be taken to their site.

Collaborators card

This card displays the site’s owner as well as any users added to the site.

To add a collaborator, click + Add Collaborators. To remove, click the 3-dot menu and select Remove.


For more information on collaborators and ways they can interact with a site, check out this help article:

SSL Certificates card

This card displays all SSL certificates installed on the site.

Certificate types

  • Third Party – A user provided SSL certificate purchased from a third party (like Comodo or GoDaddy) and installed on your site by our Happiness Engineers. Learn more.
  • Simple SSL – Flywheel’s free SSL certificate, powered by Let’s Encrypt™, which can be enabled from the Domains card. Learn more.
  • Flywheel – The temporary domain included with every Flywheel site is automatically secured with this certificate type.

Removing a certificate

You can remove a certificate by clicking the 3-dot menu and selecting Remove.

Error Messages

The SSL Certificates card may also display error messages if there are issues installing a certificate.


For more information on specific SSL error messages, check out these help articles:

IP Address card

Your site’s IP address is needed when setting up your domain to point to Flywheel. The flag icon indicates the location of the physical server.

Privacy Mode card

Privacy mode hides your site behind a username and password until you’re ready to share it with the world. Toggle Privacy Mode on and off or edit the login credentials from this card.


Want to learn more about Privacy Mode? Check out this help article: What’s Privacy Mode?

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